Personal Style Profiler:

Personal Style Profiler is a new age proprietary system based on the Always In Style® books, the latest international fashion trends and market research that understands who you are and what makes you look your very personal best. This newly designed online system gives you recommendations on what styles suit your physical characteristics, personality and what to wear for different occasions. This proprietary fashion and style tool is an Always In Style service that wants you to make a style statement every time you grace yourself in a new outfit .... Coming soon in an all new avatar aligning Fashion. Films. Fans.

Always in Style Editorials:

With all the knowledge and decades of expertise in Fashion & Style it is imperative for a responsible brand to share knowledge and make this Always In Style knowhow available to one and all. Doris Pooser nurtured the idea of the 'Always In Style®' brand, expanded and tested the concepts over the years and through the new Personal Style Profiler we bring this knowledge and expertise to you. Being a style icon she, Doris has authored many book titles that assist both women and men, groom and style themselves better for attaining success in their personal and professional lives. Some of the best sellers are Always In Style, A Woman's Guide to Success (India), Successful Style for Men and many more.

Always in Style Training:

It has been shown that within the first 30 seconds that you meet someone they form an opinion about you and this applies to the professional world too. In this highly competitive environment the image one showcases is the personality that one gets to be known by. It is studied that 55% of the opinions are created based on how you look, 38% is based on your voice and body language and just 7% is based on what you have to say. Always In Style has been an obvious choice for corporations to assist them groom their representatives to portray the right imagery to attain success. Our trainings have been appreciated by CXO level professionals due to the positive results attained by those trained by us. Most of our success is based on our experiential techniques and proprietary personalization.


Doris Pooser

A Mathematics Degree Holder & a Global Fashion & Style Business Icon, Doris Pooser is Executive Director of Newton® International Operations and Founding Member of Newton® Consulting Group. Doris brings to Newton® 25 years of global experience & has handled key offices and senior management portfolios including being the President, CEO and founder of AIS Marketing Services, Inc, New York.

Doris is member of The Fashion Group International, The Accessories Council, Women in Communications, and The National Association of Female Executives. Doris operates from offices in US, China & India and is a resident of New York City and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Over the years, Doris has created a revolutionary Proprietary Personal Profiler® Program that has been used by international fashion corporations. With her years of experience and continued research she has developed a brand new online personal advisory and online shopping tool- Personal Style Profiler® that will be soon available in the India , US as well as in China. This program providing advice and product recommendations for consumers based on their physical characteristics and individual styling needs.

The Personal Style Profiler® Program can generates up to 100 data fields, providing opportunities for target marketing, product sampling and promotional programs as well as to generate an in depth consumer report for use in product development, inventory control and consumer predictive behavior for manufacturers and retailers.

Doris Pooser is an avid reader , enjoys long distance cycling, mountain climbing and skiing. She is an award winning, world-renowned author of nine best-sellers worldwide.

Gilroy A Tills

Director - Business Strategy & New Initiatives and currently holds a board position in Newton Consulting Group Inc. Gilroy was appointed to commence the Indian operations of Newton® Consulting Group Inc. in 2008 and held the position of Chief Executive Officer till Sept.2014.

In a tenure of 6 years, under his able leadership the firm has grown from strength to strength and in the markets of focus, Newton® has built a reputation as 'One Of A Kind' Business Communication Consulting firm that is technologically advanced, analytically scientific, creatively talented and the only firm that can commit Success to its consulting clients.

Gilroy is also stakeholder at 'Always In Style' a Newton® Group company and his role is to assist reposition the brand in an all new avatar with a differentiation and create its go-to-market success strategy.
'Always In Style' from being a fashion & advisory service that was serving consumers and brands, Gilroy has changed the business plan to target the buoyant e-commerce space and creating a product that aligns the best of Fashion, Films & Fans

Commencing his career with Xerox Gilroy invested over 9 years in the company and handled various assignments, from a Rookie to heading the Office Business Group as National Marketing Manager. At Xerox, Gilroy was the most awarded employee with 6 EPA's & 8 Honors Club's and due to this unparallel track record, he was nicknamed "The American Mercenary."
With an excellent performance record of 9 years, Gilroy took up a challenging assignment and joined Scholastic India, part of Scholastic Inc. a 2 Billion $ listed organization and was accountable for running the business function for the country. During his tenure with Scholastic, he was selected by its ASIA PAC HQ to undergo MDP conducted by Franklin Covey Institution, to earn the coveted Graduation Certification in 4 Roles Of Leadership, after completing his training in- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In his 2 year stint with the company, Gilroy doubled the influencer and consumer reach of Scholastic and met the growth expectation of the corporation.
Post Scholastic, Gilroy spent a considerable time in the Media and held senior management positions in The Times Of India Group as Associate Vice President evangelizing the newly introduced Private FM brand Radio Mirchi which today is a market leader in the segment. After creating success and adding value to the Private FM business he joined The India Today Group as Senior Vice President.

Gilroy prides himself to be the 'number guy' and his deep grounding in sales, marketing, media and brand consulting makes him a veteran who blends innovative leadership and operational excellence, seamlessly. But nothing ignites his fire more than soccer, a challenging client and a nice cup of Indian masala tea, in that order.